Monday, December 14, 2015

a letter to my growing girl

dear baby girl,

you're growing so much! i can't believe how every day you're doing something new. like today when you took the pacifier out of my hand and put it *near* your mouth. it was a little wobbly. but you did it!

and yesterday, when you pretty much rolled over to your side.

and how when you wake up, you get up on your elbows when i come in the room.

watching you grow is and has been my most favorite thing. it's truly a blessing to be your mommy and be here for it all.

let's just work on those first words being "mama", i think it's only fair at this point.

but i'm going to need you to slow down. because soon you'll be four months and before i know it you'll be driving a car and off to college.
i can't.

you amaze me every day with the new things you do. and i still think to myself that i can't believe you're here. that i get to see you grow every day.

i'm sad you just keep growing because i want to keep you an ity bity forever. but i just love watching you grow.

love you to the moon and back, 

Monday, December 7, 2015

sweet family pictures

i do not know how photographers get wonderful pictures with their families.

i said it.

it's almost like the breastfeeding for so long. rock on mama. but i can't.

i took em's newborn pictures, where i wrapped her up and put her in cute outfits and all that. but when it came to get pictures of me and sonny with her, it was like i'd never taken a photo before. all my artisticness went out the window.

we tried.

three times.

everyone, especially mommy, ended in tears.

so, i asked my friend lizzie (who also took our maternity pictures) to come snap some of our little babe and us.

and oh my gosh.

i honestly couldn't love them more.

i can't even.
just look for yourself.

so many thanks to lizzie (lizzie randazzo photography) for doing these for us!