Friday, February 27, 2015

week eleven & twelve.

(i'm combining these two weeks because lets face it. with the morning sickness they just run together)

mommy is feeling: still pretty bad most days, but i've had more good days in between. including the hubby's birthday. which i begged the baby to behave for and they listened. parenting: check. 

weight gain: we had a doctors appointment during week 12 and i've gained almost 5 pounds. how, i have no idea. but i am not complaining a bit. 

food cravings: i needed a piece of the chocolate dream cake from carabbas this week. it was to die for. 

food aversions: salsa. i can't even talk about it. 

maternity clothes: hello belly band! the greatest invention since sliced bread. i'm wearing it in the week 12 photo. seriously. it's been a life saver. 

movement: nugget is in there moving around but i can't feel anything yet. oh goodness, that i can't wait for. 

emotions: i get so irritated so quickly that it's comical. i honestly have to remind myself to not say the thoughts going on in my head allowed, such as, "oh that's cool. you ask for a water cup and then fill it up with lemonade. slick. they'll never know." 

sleep: all the sleep all the time. so stinking tired lately. 

favorite moment of the week: hearing the HEARTBEAT. sonny took a video which was so special to me. 

things i'm praying about: that this first trimester will leave with morning sickness and that it won't continue any longer. 
i also spent some time the other day praying about what kind of parents God will have us be. 

looking forward to: 14 weeks! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

week ten.

and so begin the baby bump updates.

mommy is feeling: physically terrible most days. but thanks to zofran other days are much better. morning sickness hit hard in week six and has been hanging out ever since. but! it's all worth it. and also friends being on netflix has been wonderful. mentally, i'm still just over the moon. 

weight gain: last time i checked i had lost five pounds thanks to not being able to keep anything down. we have a doctors appointment next week, so we'll find out for sure. 

food cravings: it's not as much cravings, but i get a taste for something and have got to have it. on days i can eat whole meals, i know exactly what i want. 

food aversions: aversions are more smells at this point than food. except chicken. that aversion showed up early and hasn't gone away. 

maternity clothes: not yet. but. jeans and i broke up week five. so it's been stretchy pants and dresses everyday. i used to believe that tights were not pants. i have since changed my mind on the topic. 

movement: nugget is in there moving around but i can't feel anything yet. oh goodness, that i can't wait for. 

emotions: always feeling like i could cry at the drop of a hat. at anything. happy, sad. puppies, old people. you name it, i could cry at it right now. 

sleep: so much sleep. i sleep at least 9 hours at night, and then most days get a good hour nap in. this has been my very favorite part. 

favorite moment of the week: figuring out the nugget was the size of a BUCKEYE.

things i'm praying about: the end of this first trimester to have an end. i've talked to a few women who said they felt that morning sickness throughout their whole pregnancy. dear Lord, please not me. 

looking forward to: our doctors appointment next week when we get to hear the heartbeat! 

Monday, February 2, 2015

i get to be the one

it's official. i'm now a mommy blogger. or, soon to be mommy blogger. whichever way you look at it, in seven very short months i'll be holding the sweetest baby in my arms.

since we found out, i've been every emotion in the book.
*hello pregnancy hormones*
happy, scared, excited, terrified, full of anticipation...any and all emotions, i've checked them off. because how can i not?
there's a human growing inside of me right now.

i want to remember it all through this pregnancy. ok truth time, maybe not this first trimester, but we'll talk about that later. so i figured the best way to do so is to start a blog. blogging, it's what i do.
i have no expectations for this space, except for it to be a place for me to write it all down. maybe share things i love, or don't love (food wise that's a lot right now), to store photos in one place, to jot down all those thoughts i have about vaccines and how i'll raise my kid. you get the point.

i have to be honest and say that there's a part of me that still can't believe this is happening. every couple of days sonny and i have the "we're really doing this...we're really going to be parents" conversation. to say we're thankful and feeling all the blessings would be an understatement. because there have been times in my prayer time with the Lord that i just can't think of anything else to say but "thank you". if you're a mama, or preggo like me, you get what i'm saying. to put into words all that you're feeling right now is pretty much impossible.

but then there's this song.
by the most amazing artist jj heller. who also happened to write sonny and i's wedding song. and now. here's a song about a little baby.

"well hello, 
little baby. 
your eyes have never seen the sun 
you should know 
little baby 
that i am the lucky one"

i couldn't have said any of it better myself. 
i love you little baby more than life itself. and i can't wait to meet you.