Friday, February 27, 2015

week eleven & twelve.

(i'm combining these two weeks because lets face it. with the morning sickness they just run together)

mommy is feeling: still pretty bad most days, but i've had more good days in between. including the hubby's birthday. which i begged the baby to behave for and they listened. parenting: check. 

weight gain: we had a doctors appointment during week 12 and i've gained almost 5 pounds. how, i have no idea. but i am not complaining a bit. 

food cravings: i needed a piece of the chocolate dream cake from carabbas this week. it was to die for. 

food aversions: salsa. i can't even talk about it. 

maternity clothes: hello belly band! the greatest invention since sliced bread. i'm wearing it in the week 12 photo. seriously. it's been a life saver. 

movement: nugget is in there moving around but i can't feel anything yet. oh goodness, that i can't wait for. 

emotions: i get so irritated so quickly that it's comical. i honestly have to remind myself to not say the thoughts going on in my head allowed, such as, "oh that's cool. you ask for a water cup and then fill it up with lemonade. slick. they'll never know." 

sleep: all the sleep all the time. so stinking tired lately. 

favorite moment of the week: hearing the HEARTBEAT. sonny took a video which was so special to me. 

things i'm praying about: that this first trimester will leave with morning sickness and that it won't continue any longer. 
i also spent some time the other day praying about what kind of parents God will have us be. 

looking forward to: 14 weeks! 

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