Thursday, April 16, 2015

a 20 week letter

dear baby,

you're currently kicking mommy, which i can't even begin to tell you how much i love.
but here we are at 20 weeks.
half way to meeting you in person.

today we got to see you up close and personal, and i know i'm really biased here. but. you're already the cutest baby alive. we saw your hands and feet up close, and you even flexed those arms for the camera. i think you've got a steiner nose...but i'm not sure where you're getting those luscious lips from. but i can't wait to kiss them. i think you already have your daddy's big feet. you're above average in size, which i'm proud of. and also not surprised considering who your daddy is.

we're completely smitten with you already.

i've waited for this bench mark week to get here for quite sometime. you see, aunt minda is getting married this week, and i get to see some very wonderful friends, and being half way through this pregnancy has just got me all emotional.

but you'll learn that about your mommy.
i tend to be a bit of an emotional person.

i've been counting down the weeks to see you today. because last time we saw you, well it was hard to see even you. you were still this little...blob. please don't take it personal. it's the truth.
but today. today we got to see all of you.
well not all of you. we're keeping some parts of you a surprise.

i have to be honest and tell you that mommy was a little nervous about today. it's basically been the first time we could see and make sure that everything was growing and developing just as it should. it's not that i didn't think it would be...but i'm human. i did know though that no matter what. the Creator of the Universe, the God Who placed the stars in the sky, has created you with the same beauty. every single part of you was put into being on purpose.
i'm going to tell you that all the time, so get used to it.
i trust that God has made you perfect in His image. which you already are.

i still just can't believe that i'm halfway through this pregnancy.
it's been a little bit of a tough road so far. but you're worth every second i didn't feel well.
we're pretty much on the second leg of the tour here. i have a feeling the next twenty weeks are going to fly by, and i honestly hope they do.

because little one, i can't wait to meet you.

i love you more than you'll ever know,

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

week sixteen & seventeen

mommy is feeling: other than the mornings, i'm back to normal...minus still being pretty sleepy. but i am so thankful for that

weight gain: i've done a terrible job at keeping track of this. but i think a pound or two

food cravings: mexican food and french fries

food aversions: still on the salsa thing. i know. it's weird. also adding bbq to the list. i'm not sure where this one came from either but just typing it makes my stomach turn

maternity clothes: maternity shorts! as seen in the photo above. it's already summer time in florida and the belly band just isn't working with shorts anymore. 

movement: flutter city!! i felt the first little flutter at a wedding i was shooting and immediately ran to call sonny. it was the most amazing feeling in the world. if i could try and describe it, i'd say it's like someone trying to tickle you...from the inside. 

emotions: i cry all the time at everything. just the thought of somethings make me cry. holy preggo emotions.

sleep: getting a little tough. not super comfy all night long, but getting lots of rest. 

favorite moment of the week: feeling that little monkey move around! i can't even begin to describe how amazing it was. 

things i'm praying about: for this child to grow up and know Jesus, like really know Jesus and love Him.

looking forward to: an actual kick! 

(the cutest big brother)

mommy is feeling: same as last week, which is good! 

weight gain: at the doctors office i gained 3 pounds since our last visit

food cravings: still loving mexican food. and apples. or apple juice which ever, i want it. 

food aversions: salsa out of a jar, and bbq. 

maternity clothes: just maternity shorts, but thinking about some maternity jeans. the belly band is great but it's getting a bit tight with my jeans. 

movement: still moving around and tickling mommy! it happens mostly at night (which i've heard happens) but no matter when it is, i love every second of it. i'll stop mid sentance to anyone near me when they move around in there just to say "the baby is moving!" 

emotions: all of them. 

sleep: my hips have started to hurt at night when i'm sleeping, which makes me feel like an old woman. but a pillow between my legs helps so much. 

favorite moment of the week: still all the movement. it's so amazing. 

things i'm praying about: the next five months to go by quickly but intentionally. 

looking forward to: a real kick!