Wednesday, February 10, 2016

emily mae // 5 months

17 pounds
26 inches long 

-officially on solid foods. she loves butternut squash and carrots the best. i got some advice from my older sister to start with veggies and then move to fruit. because fruit is sweeter. and obviously veggies are not. it was a huge success. little girl loves bananas, and we've had some mangos. my mom got her a high chair for christmas that has made feeding time 100x easier. it's a simple one that straps onto the chair. i wish we had had it from day one. trying to feed her in our laps or in her mama roo wasn't working. thanks grandma! 

-still sleeping like a champion. ten to twelve hours a night. i have said it once, i'll say it again. thank you Jesus for my sleeping baby. advice? full bellies = long night sleeps. you can take that to the bank. i get overwhelmed at times with gratitude for this part of Em because i know how hard some moms have it. this is a serious blessing i don't take for granted. another piece of advice? put baby on their belly. 
didn't ask for my advice? oh well. 

-we have TWO TEETH. that's right! both bottom teeth have cut through. and boy was i happy when they did. i praise the Lord for a non fussy baby, but these days she's got reason for it. go on and fuss baby girl. i can't imagine. another thank you Jesus we don't remember this. i've been using orajel (the new natural kind with out the crap that used to be in it. although, it was used on us and we all made it). and baby tylenol. <---the magic. if you're not into using meds on your kids, i have to ask the question if you ever take anything when your head hurts or body hurts. we see what seems like an instant change in Em when we give it to her. which isn't too often, but it sure does help when we do. 

-Em loves to play. we have an exersaucer and she loves it. at first she wasn't super mobile in it but now we put her in facing one thing and turn around and look back and she's facing the other way. it keeps her attention for quite a while which is great for us. and i feel ok putting her in it to go do the dishes. she also just loves being in her crib. which is also great when i need to jump in the shower. we don't have to put too much in there with her. it's also a place we'll put her when she's crying real bad. who knows why, but she loves it and immediately stops crying. 

-WE OFFICIALLY HAVE GIGGLES. honestly as a mom i have been waiting for this. it happened on a saturday morning. and i cried my eyes out when she did it. i can't describe what a wonderful feeling it was. if you're a mom you know what i'm talking about. new moms. just wait. since then we've had a giggler at the weirdest things. most of the time when i use this obnoxiously high voice and say something weird. #momlife. i'll take it. i'd literally dance on my head to make this little girl laugh. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

a love letter

dear sweet little girl,

you're currently laying on your play mat that from day one you've loved the most. you're staring at me, which you do a lot these days and i can't help but wonder what you're thinking. what's going on in that cute little head of yours?

are you enjoying the music i'm playing?
the funny faces i'm making at you?

i'll tell you what's going on in mine.

i couldn't imagine my life any different right now. before you came along i thought that life was supposed to be lived successful. and that my life would be consumed with being the best at my job. that my spare time would go to hanging with friends, traveling, the answers we all give.

but now.

i could care less.
in all the best ways.

my career is no longer my passion. you are.
my dreams now include you.
my travel plans won't be without you.
my friends, well they just love you.

i honestly couldn't imagine doing life without you.

you're growing up so fast and i can't seem to figure out how to stop it.
but i can't wait.
i can't wait for you to crawl, and walk. and then grow up and want to do fun things with your cool mom. because yea, i'll be the cool mom.

it's hard to put into words just how much i love you.
one day when you have tiny humans yourself you'll get it.

i love you so much,