Friday, March 20, 2015

the big "oh my gosh" moment

i think it's safe to say that no matter if you're trying or not, seeing those two little pink lines (or a plus sign, or a face smiling at you) is a serious shock.

there's actually a human life forming inside of you.

sonny and i had decided to start trying around thanksgiving, keeping it pretty quiet. because hello, that's a lot of pressure and we also knew that just because we had started trying didn't mean that this was the timing the Lord had as well.

turns out He did.

i had been tracking my cycle with an app that also let me know when i was "green and ready to go". that same month i saw those two pink lines.

lesson to be learned here kids.
when you start to try, you better be ready for the outcome. cause it might happen really quickly.

sonny and i took a trip to the big apple this past christmas and it was honestly the best trip of my life. little did we know, we weren't the only two westmoreland's on that trip. our little bean was starting to cook away. now there's part of me that's glad i wasn't aware yet because i had the best beef carpaccio and wine ever. two things on the "do not eat list" once you find out you're preggo.

we came home the week before christmas and my birthday and it all just rushed by. before i knew it, it was the night before christmas eve.
we had been out running around all day, because we were exchanging gifts between the two of us that night. what i had failed to realize during the day was that aunt flow hadn't showed up yet. but had been like clockwork on that exact day the last year almost.
so when we got home, before we opened up presents, i had a "what the heck" moment and took that little stick into the bathroom.

less than 30 seconds later the first line comes through and then...that very faint second line came poking through.

my first response: h o l y c r a p.

my second response: holycrap.

my third response: HOLY CRAP.

tears immediately filled my eyes and after the holy craps i looked up and said "thank you."
because let's face it. without Him, i've got nothin.

meanwhile, sonny had already set up camp in the living room and had been patiently waiting to open presents.

i had decided a long time ago that i wanted to tell sonny in a really cute way. most morning i make him coffee so i had envisioned a cup that said "worlds best daddy" and letting him fill in the rest.
in the heat of the moment, that all went out the window. because there wasn't a chance i was going to wait until the morning to tell him the news. i honestly would have burst.

i quickly ran to the kitchen, grabbed a white mug and ran back to our room yelling, "I'll be right there, finishing a gift!"

it's honestly the worst hand writing in the world. and i'm not sure why i needed to include the mug anyways, but whateves. i went with it and stuck to my mug idea.

i took the mug and slid it into his stocking without him noticing and waited patiently as we opened our gifts from each other.

which only took about 10 minutes but felt like 10 hours.

then i told him santa left something in his stocking.
he reached inside and pulled out the mug looking at the writing and paying no attention to what was inside.
because it said "daddy" on it, he thought it was from the dog.
and it's a logical thought because we're totally those people.

after a second i told him to "look at it".
i'm a bonehead and was taking a video but at this moment stopped because i was just so focused on him and also my hands were kind of shaking.
but i did catch this reaction.

(which he says was just his reaction to the dog mug but i think he figured it out pretty quick)

i can't remember exactly the words exchanged after that but lots of, "I'm pregnant!" and "I love you" and "oh my gosh this is really happening!"
ok there was a lot of "oh my gosh this is really happening"s.

because it really was. parents. me and this guy.

our first order of business was of course to run to cvs to get more tests to confirm the little nugget.
which was a very expensive endeavor for such items because i decided to buy two of the most expensive ones that tell you how far along you are. when we got home i decided to try and be smarter than the tests by peeing into a cup and putting them all in there at once. i of course did it wrong (because yea, there's a wrong way to do this) and they all came back negative or nothing at all. so back to the store i went, bought the cheaper ones and finally saw all the little lines i needed to.

to say it was our best christmas yet would be an understatement.

there's still days i can't believe it. but of course look down at the kangaroo pouch i've got and believe it. God is good. and when you pray for a child, He hears you.

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  1. Love this. Love you two. Love your nugget. So excited to see you in this new role Megara❤️