Wednesday, April 8, 2015

week sixteen & seventeen

mommy is feeling: other than the mornings, i'm back to normal...minus still being pretty sleepy. but i am so thankful for that

weight gain: i've done a terrible job at keeping track of this. but i think a pound or two

food cravings: mexican food and french fries

food aversions: still on the salsa thing. i know. it's weird. also adding bbq to the list. i'm not sure where this one came from either but just typing it makes my stomach turn

maternity clothes: maternity shorts! as seen in the photo above. it's already summer time in florida and the belly band just isn't working with shorts anymore. 

movement: flutter city!! i felt the first little flutter at a wedding i was shooting and immediately ran to call sonny. it was the most amazing feeling in the world. if i could try and describe it, i'd say it's like someone trying to tickle you...from the inside. 

emotions: i cry all the time at everything. just the thought of somethings make me cry. holy preggo emotions.

sleep: getting a little tough. not super comfy all night long, but getting lots of rest. 

favorite moment of the week: feeling that little monkey move around! i can't even begin to describe how amazing it was. 

things i'm praying about: for this child to grow up and know Jesus, like really know Jesus and love Him.

looking forward to: an actual kick! 

(the cutest big brother)

mommy is feeling: same as last week, which is good! 

weight gain: at the doctors office i gained 3 pounds since our last visit

food cravings: still loving mexican food. and apples. or apple juice which ever, i want it. 

food aversions: salsa out of a jar, and bbq. 

maternity clothes: just maternity shorts, but thinking about some maternity jeans. the belly band is great but it's getting a bit tight with my jeans. 

movement: still moving around and tickling mommy! it happens mostly at night (which i've heard happens) but no matter when it is, i love every second of it. i'll stop mid sentance to anyone near me when they move around in there just to say "the baby is moving!" 

emotions: all of them. 

sleep: my hips have started to hurt at night when i'm sleeping, which makes me feel like an old woman. but a pillow between my legs helps so much. 

favorite moment of the week: still all the movement. it's so amazing. 

things i'm praying about: the next five months to go by quickly but intentionally. 

looking forward to: a real kick! 

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