Wednesday, May 6, 2015

week eighteen & nineteen


*i'm combining these two weeks because they were pretty much the same*

mommy is feeling: really great! that pregnancy glow has really hit and i'm feeling so great! 

weight gain: i'm going to say 5 here, because again, i'm not keeping track but i have notice the scale going up

food cravings: mexican food. all day errr day. 

food aversions: salsa out of a jar, and bbq. still. and chipotle. i'm so sorry to admit this. 

maternity clothes: maternity jeans have been purchased. the belly band and i broke up. 

movement: I FELT A KICK! i instantly cried my eyes out at the amazement. i was just watching tv and could feel them in there moving and then boom! a little poke on my finger. God is so amazing and i am over the moon. 

emotions: they've been in check lately. other than just crying at little things like baby commercials and the norm. 

sleep: my hips have started to hurt at night when i'm sleeping, which makes me feel like an old woman. but a pillow between my legs helps so much. i wake up and move a lot...and to use the restroom. at least twice. 

favorite moment of the week: feeling that first kick. i still just can't even. 

things i'm praying about: for this child to grow up and know Jesus. 

looking forward to: our 20 week ultra sound! 

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