Friday, June 19, 2015

the movements

feeling that first kick was unlike anything anyone could ever have prepared me for. i was sitting on the couch with head phones on my belly when i felt the little bean kick or punch my hand.
of course filled with pregnancy hormones (and just being a human in general) i balled my eyes out.

you go from knowing there's a baby in there to actually feeling it.

as the weeks go by and the countdown to baby gets smaller and smaller, the movements get bigger and bigger. i can now sit and watch my stomach just poke out in certain places.
this little nugget moves all the time. morning noon and night. especially at night i might add when mommy is all ready for bed.

that's when the tickle ones come.
it's amazing to me how long this kid is. i can feel the baby move on both sides of my belly at the same time. and when i lay down, it straight up feels like someone is in there tickling me.

there's times when i can feel what i think is a leg or an arm almost poking out (kinda weird, but if you felt it, you'd know how amazing it is).

these increase in movements have me totally mesmerized and in awe of what God is doing. to think that He's given me the gift to fully sustain another humans (my tiny humans) life, is amazing. and holy cow, a ton of pressure. but always always amazing.

i can't, and honestly don't ever want to get used to the kicks. i in fact announce the baby's movement every time it starts the gymnastics routine no matter where i am or who i'm with. they of course always stop moving right when someone (mostly daddy) puts their hand on my belly, already playing jokes.

i don't want to get used to them because i think it might take away some of the wonder i have with God. because at this point in the game, i am totally and completely in awe of what God is doing in there. i mean, really. there is a HUMAN growing inside of me.

we're currently in round one of our gymnastics routine for the day. so i'm going to go cheer my kid on.

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