Tuesday, July 14, 2015

week thirty - thirty two

how i'm already thirty weeks plus, i have no idea.

mommy is feeling: a bit bigger at the moment. and super short of breath. a little uncomfy at night, but feeling great most of the time. 

weight gain: at our check up i hit 160! and still chowing down when and on what i want. and stayed at 160 at the next check up.

food cravings: cuban food. there was the best spot where we used to live, but haven't found one as great here in otown. i want those plantains please. 

food aversions: chipotle and i might not ever make up. i got it this week and thought i was in the clear. i was not. although i woke up with the biggest craving for it, stood in line and marveled at that salsa and cheese. the baby baby 1. chipotle 0.  

maternity clothes: i'm actually in all non maternity clothing in the first picture! thank you old navy and target for making long dresses and tanks. 

movement: i'm convinced this kid is trying to break out at this point with all the movement. 

emotions: i'm preggos. so i'm emotional. there. i cry at puppy commercials. 

sleep: other than waking up in the middle of the night to use the potty, sleep has been really great. including the two hour naps during the day. 

favorite moment of the week: getting more things to decorate the nursery! we're going with a really simple feel to the nursery. sometimes i don't get these nurseries that are so over done. shelves and books and just adorable baby things. 

things i'm praying about: to keep my cool these next couple of weeks. it's almost time!

looking forward to: my baby shower! 

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