Thursday, August 20, 2015

pregnancy books: which to read

this summer i have read more books than i have since high school.
most of them haven't been pregnancy books, but i did find some that i absolutely loved.

also, what is it about summer and just sticking your nose in some good old fashion fiction books, that just makes sense?


here's a list of 4 pregnancy books i read that i loved.

belly laughs by jenny mccarthy
i should note first that i'm not a giant fan of hers (we differ on a lot of opinions) but this book was awesome. she wasn't afraid to admit that sometimes pregnancy can suck (hello constipation and bloating and morning sickness...and cramps...and how you can't see your toes...i'm geting off track). it was a really quick read that i laughed the whole way through.

the sh!t no one tells you by dawn dias
once again, so funny. this is mostly about when the baby actually gets here but she throws in some pregnancy things. it's totally worth reading before the baby gets here because she points out some things that hadn't ever crossed my mind. there's also a chapter on how this is your baby, and that it's your choice on how you raise them. amen, preach sister.

what to expect when you're expecting by heidi murkoff
because this book has to go on the list.

waiting in wonder by catherine larson
by far the best. i actually saw it on my friend ashley's blog and knew i needed it. it's a week by week devotional that takes you through pregnancy. it's got four days for each week and i can't tell you how amazing they are. the Lord showed me so much through this devotional, and He showed every week when i needed Him. get this.

i know it's not a giant list of books, but to be honest, sometimes more is less. i found that the more and more i read (nine times out of ten on the internet) i would freak myself out.
so my advice. read some good books but don't get crazy about needing to know everything. remember. women have been pregnant for thousands of years. and made it without webmd.

which by the way. webmd. don't ever.

happy thursday.

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