Wednesday, August 12, 2015

week thirty five - thirty seven

mommy is feeling: say it with me, uncomfortable. u n comfortable. mostly at night, because my hips have been throbbing. i may start sleeping in a chair because that's when i'm most comfy. 

weight gain: weekly check ups now! i'm at 165 and climbing! 

food cravings: most everything. i get a taste in my mouth for something and just haaaaave to have it. like right now i'm thinking about shrimp. and that's now what we'll have for dinner. 

food aversions: still chipotle and bbq. sad day. 

maternity clothes: all day errday. but they're getting small on me. seriously. much longer and i'm just going to have to walk around naked. 

movement: all the time! it's amazing. honestly the most beautiful feeling. and it's actually more of the baby moving the whole body, not just little kicks any more. so crazy. 

emotions: baby, where you at? mamas ready to meet you. some how i'm not totally freaking out...yet. 

sleep: lots of naps.

favorite moment of the week: my baby shower! technically was during week 34, but it was so wonderful! 

things i'm praying about: to keep my cool these next couple of weeks. it's almost time!

looking forward to: baby's arrival! 

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