Wednesday, January 27, 2016

in response to the internet

gracious words are like a honeycomb,
sweetness to the soul, 
and health to the body. 
provers 16:24
as a mom i look at things differently now. i think that goes without saying the day you become a parent. 

i’ve always been fully aware of the fact that my opinions don’t always go along with what’s popular. i’m a christian conservative, pro-lifer, and second amendment supporter. i fully believe in free speech, but lately i’m starting to wonder if as a society, we’re using that free speech to put way to many people down. 

as election season comes up, we get to see the real side of people. any minute of the day you can go on any social media platform and see exactly what people think about the candidates. there’s one in particular that people are reaaaaalllllly clinging to. some of it is support, but 99% of the things i’ve read about donald trump are terrible. 

i’ve seen him called an a-hole, swine, disgusting, ignorant, stupid…any name you can think of, it’s out there. i will insert here that four and eight years ago, the same things could be found about President Obama. not that i called him any of these names, but i do give myself an eye roll when a status of mine pops up on my time hop from those years when i called him a liar. not as bad, but i wasn’t helping the situation. 

and then this morning. 

a friend of mine sent me this article
i finished it almost in tears. 

why have we become so…mean as a society?

why can’t we just agree to disagree with one another?

why can’t we have civil conversations with each other when we agree, instead of sinking so low to name calling?

i almost don’t even know where to being with this article other than, i’m sorry for the writer. 
i’m sorry that she decided to take her opinion to the internet in such a harsh way. had she done so in a loving way, maybe the comments at the end of the article would be different. i'm also sorry she's decided to be so judgmental to a large group of new moms she doesn't know. 

instead, and how i feel like our society as a whole is anymore, she took the “i’m right, and you’re wrong” approach. 

now, this in no way shape or form is a blog about how you should or shouldn’t breastfeed your tiny one. i think it’s such a personal decision, and you’re in no way shape or form a bad mother if you don’t. and never let anyone tell you different. 

this is a blog, maybe a plea…to all of us on the internet to be nicer. 
because yes, as a mommy now, i’m thinking about my sweet baby girl growing up. and as much as i want to keep her in my little bubble her whole life, it isn’t going to happen. but i want her to grow up and not feel ashamed for her opinions. or the way she lives her life. however she chooses to do so. i don’t want her to read articles like this one on the internet and feel like complete crap if she isn’t doing what’s suggested. 

i just think at some point, we have to get back to the “treat others as you would like to be treated”. 

watch the way you talk. let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. say only what helps, each word is a gift.
ephesians 4:29 MSG

i don’t want anyone to read this and think i’m not including myself here. because maybe i don’t post it on the internet, but i don’t always have the nicest things to say about people. and yes, ten years ago i would have taken it to the internet. but maybe i can thank age, and a tiny bit of maturity for it. 

maybe that’s what everyone needs. to grow up. and stop being so judgmental of each other.
and not think that their opinion is the absolute best one out there. 

i don’t want Emily, or any other child to grow up in a society where it’s all one sided and heaven forbid they have an opposing opinion. about anything. 

not to sounds super cheesy and cliche, but can’t we all just love on each other. no matter how different our opinions are? it’s taken me a couple years to get here, but i’m realizing that if instead of tearing each other down, building someone up is not only easier…but it makes you feel much better. 

to the writer of that blog: we new moms need each other. badly. this is really, really hard. maybe instead of making some moms feel like garbage for not doing something you did, you build them up for what they have done. lots of babies have been bottle fed from day one for any number of reasons, and they’re perfectly healthy. 
to the people on Facebook: maybe we can come up with better ways to say “you’re an idiot”. disagree all you want, have an opinion. but let’s stop with the name calling. there’s a line that your slumping down to. and you aren’t proving your point at all. 

maybe we all just need to gather around a campfire, roast some marshmallows, and sing kumbaya. 

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