Monday, September 7, 2015

emily mae's birth story | part 1

to try and put all the emotions of giving birth into a blog post is pretty much impossible. because from start to finish it's the craziest, most exciting, terrifying, painful, wonderful experience ever. but i'm going to give it my best shot.

friday morning around 4:30 i woke up to some pains in my lower abdominal and back. i thought it was just a one time thing, but when i looked at my phone for the time and saw that it had been an hour of this pain coming and going, i knew that these weren't just braxton hicks contractions. i started timing them around 5:30 and they came every 20 mins. i was able to get back to sleep about an hour later, but not for long.

i got up and made a big breakfast, still timing the contractions, still 20 minutes apart. i decided to let family and friends know that something was going on, but that it wasn't anything to be alarmed at because they were twenty minutes apart and manageable.

the day progressed and we did a whole lot of nothing. which was exactly what i needed. lots of netflix and bouncing around on the exercise ball. timing contractions.

(he was such a great labor coach)

around 5 in the afternoon i noticed that the contractions were getting much more painful. you learn a lot when you go through pregnancy and giving birth. and i think i've come to the conclusion that my tolerance for pain is at a medium. i can't hang with the big guys, but i've got two tattoos so i think that i'm kinda hard core.

i started to get weirded out because they were still not moving up in time between each contractions, but it started to get to the point where it was hard to talk through them or do anything but take big deep breaths in and out.
so i called my doctors office around 6pm and talked to the doctor that was on call (who would end up delivering little missy later that night). he advised that i get to the hospital. he said that just because they were still twenty minutes apart didn't mean that things weren't starting to happen. and that if my pain level kept going up, that was a sign that labor was in gear.

i hung up, and told sonny that the time had come and we needed to get going. but in a slow manner. and of course we needed to stop for food because at the time, mama was hungry.
we packed up the rest of our stuff for the hospital bags, took our time. i did my hair. because honestly, we thought we'd be coming back home. here's where i think my husband thinks i have a very low tolerance for pain.
when i tell you he took his sweet time to get ready...i mean he took his suuuhhhwwwweeeeeettttt time to get ready.

i called my mom and sisters letting them know that i was heading to the hospital but that i was pretty sure i'd be coming back home, and that i'd let them know as soon as we talked to the doctor what was going on.
i cried on the phone with my mom because hello. i was in labor. about to deliver my baby. and no matter how old you get, sometimes you just need to cry and freak out to your mom.

while on the phone with them i noticed that my contractions were in fact so much closer than before. when i hung up with my mom it was about 6:30 and they had moved to 7 minutes apart.

once i timed a couple of them and figured out that we were indeed in labor.
it was go time.
i tried to calmly tell sonny that they had moved much closer together and that he needed to hurry up. he still thinking that we'd be home that night didn't seem to get the pep in his step that i needed. so then i told him that we needed to go now. and dinner was out of the question.
megan passing up a meal is a big deal. he got the picture.

the twenty minute drive to the hospital was the absolute worst. ever.
and let's be super honest here.
all i could think was, "please God do NOT let me be the next lady has a baby in the car."

we finally got to the hospital around 7:30, and made our way to triage. the wait time was pretty short but at my current moment i felt like it had been an hour and i was ready to start yelling at someone.

when i got pulled back and checked out the nurse let me know that i was at 4 cm. i honestly was ready for her to tell me that i was at 21 because of the pain. but nope. only 4.
and the fun part is that now, the hospital doesn't admit you until you're 6 cm dilated.
her big idea was for me to go walk around the hospital and the parking garage for an hour to get that dilation going.
for a moment let's talk about how it had to have been 85 degrees outside.

so off we went. as soon as we were walking out, our families were walking in.
they would later tell me how miserable i looked.
i did feel terrible at the moment because they were all smiles and wanted to hug, and i was hating life.

the parking garage was a joke. the nurse tried to give us instructions on how i should put one leg up on a stair during a contraction, and hang on sonny at the same time. we tried once and i wanted to scream it was such a terrible position to be in. so there i was. pregnant megan, laboring in a parking garage. i'd also like to point out that of allllll the people who passed us, only one asked if we needed help.

come on humans.

apparently most people just kind of looked at us. and had a "that poor girl look" on their face according to sonny.

i was the poor girl. laboring. in the PARKING GARAGE.

after about thirty minutes i decided i was done. tapping out. couldn't do it. i was drenched in sweat. thirsty and my contractions had moved up yet again to about three minutes apart.
back into triage we went.

by this time it was almost nine. they strapped me back onto the machines to monitor baby's heartbeat and my contractions.

here's the best part.

an hour and a half goes by and there i was actively laboring on a triage bed. in the very small and not comforting triage room. let me tell you. that bed. not comfy. those tiny four walls. not what i had in mind.
a nurse finally comes in and tells me that i'm not "in active labor". at which i, by some miracle did not answer her with any swear words, but just asked how that was possible. i think i told her she needed to stay in the room with me for five minutes so she could indeed see that i was in labor. she decided to move the monitors on my belly around to see if that would help.

three minutes later she was back in the room saying, "yes, you're in labor, let's get you admitted".

i'd like to take this time now to thank the first nurse who was super chatty and didn't put the monitor on my belly right causing me to labor in the triage room for two hours.
bless her heart.

as soon as i sat up to be admitted my water broke.
baby girl was on her way!

and this is where i leave you hanging. part two will be up soon!

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