Tuesday, October 6, 2015

breastfeeding / day six

(if you couldn't tell. i love her. and this movie)

so breastfeeding. something i think people are super shy and awkward about if it doesn't involve you. 

let's be honest here. it's something i knew i wanted to do, and had no shame in that. however. i had a completely different opinion about it before baby girl came around. 

for instance. 
nursing in public. 

i always figured that it was easier to schedule you're day around your baby and when they needed to eat. because obviously, any good mother could do that. and obviously because it's that easy. 

moms are laughing right now at me, as they should be. 

this was a nice thought, but it's totally wrong. 

because 1) baby could be cluster feeding which means lots of feedings super close together. like every hour. and 2) if baby eats every two hours (or so) you have a very small window to get things done. 

and honestly. cabin fever sets in quick. 

so my thoughts on not breastfeeding in public because it made me feel weird have gone right out the window. 
now. i am not one of those women who are (or ever will be) comfortable pulling out a boob for all to see. in fact, it's quite the set up trying to nurse in public (i've done it a couple times now) because i use about four blankets to cover up.

yes. i know they make nursing covers. they're at target and i keep forgetting them. it's on my list. 

anyways. the point is, that you have to let go of any preconceived notions you had about breastfeeding. 
the good and the bad. 

here are eight things you need to know about breastfeeding. 

#1. it hurts like hell at first. 
seriously. like someone is sticking a thousand needles into your nipple. but it goes away. or at least should. if you've got things all going the way they should. 

#2. the boopy is a life saver. 

your life will just be easier with this pillow. i promise you that. it's really important to make sure baby is coming to you when nursing. you shouldn't be hunched over or trying to strain yourself to get the connection. this pillow helps immensely with that. 

#3. ask for help!
do not, and i repeat. do not leave the hospital without getting a lactation consult. the nurse who gave me mine was such a huge help.

#4. nipple shields are not the devil. 
baby girl and i had some trouble in the latching department right off the bat so they suggested i use a nipple shield. the problem was that she wasn't latching on enough...causing that pain i mentioned to last the entire time i nursed. which was awful, and made me want to give up. but insert this little helper. 
(medela contact nipple shield) 
get the one that's half open. it's supposed to help with milk production because the baby's chin is still touching the breast. 
i'd also like to take this time to debunk the "the baby will get nipple confusion if you use this!" rumor. my child knows where the milk comes from. and i don't think it would matter if i had a funnel on my boob, she'd still eat from it. 

#5. get a good pump.
i don't know what would happen if you got a bad one. but invest. i don't pump a lot yet, but i did get one of the top ones through our insurance. which call them because apparently now they're covered, which is so wonderful! 
(medela breast pump)

#6. start a good netflix show.
sweet baby girl eats now every two to three hours, and nurses about twenty minutes on each side every feeding. that's a good forty minutes i've just sit. so of course i turned to netflix. i'm watching gossip girl for the first time. 

#7. get an app.
this has made my life so much easier, and hello it's 2015. take advantage of technology. i have the BabyNursing app. the app lets you time each side you nurse on, and keeps track of everything for you. there's no guessing when baby ate last (because who has the brain space to remember anything right now), or which side you nursed on last. 

(actual picture of my app) 

#8. it's ok to bottle feed your baby instead. 
there is absolutely nothing wrong with bottle feeding your baby instead of breastfeeding. there so much that surrounds breastfeeding these days, and to be honest, i don't think it's helpful to moms that can't or choose not to breastfeed. because it's ok not to. your baby is going to grow up just as healthy and wonderful as a breastfed baby. and for those of you who think it's terrible to bottle feed and not breastfeed. quit being a bully to new moms. we all need to support each other. 

if you're a mama and have any tips please share! 


  1. Umm I had no idea insurance covered stuff like that. That's the best news!

  2. What a little cutie-pie you have!

    Nursing in public is easier if you wear an undershirt, if you haven't already been doing that, so your middle/tummy is covered up when you lift up your upper shirt. If you had a Belly Band while you were pregnant, that works! Or I've heard good things about the Undercover Mama. I just use a regular tank top, or a nursing tank top. That way your blanket doesn't have to cover up your back or tummy, just your shoulder area. :)