Wednesday, October 7, 2015

day seven / cherish this

if it hasn't been stated already. having a newborn is really hard.
when they say your life will never be the same, they aren't kidding.
sleep is minimual.
babies cry just to cry.
your patientce will be at an all time low.

but then.

you'll give baby a bath and snuggle them so hard after and smell all that wonderful baby smell.
they'll start to focus in on your face and give you a grin like this:

(i mean. really.)

i was sitting on the couch today with a very fussy baby (we're hitting a huge growth spurt right now) and when she finally settled down and shut her eyes, i couldn't help but think that i need to remember these little moments. the one's you don't write down because let's face it. we just want to remember all the good. but even with the fussing, or as we call it the fussin butts, we won't live today again. i won't snuggle her this way forever. these first few months are so special. 

you're literally watching a tiny human come to life all in their own. 
and holy crap is it special. 

cherish the little moments. because i hear they don't last long. 

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