Thursday, October 8, 2015

day eight / diapers

baby girl is almost two months old and we still haven't had to purchase diapers yet.

we were so blessed at our shower with so many, and then some kept trickling in after. which left us in a really great spot.

the end is near though, and as i write this i'm already putting it on my shopping list.

because here's the thing: you're going to use a lot of diapers.
an obscene amount in the first couple of months.

baby will poop through them, and just when you're changing them will continue to poop (seriously) causing you to do the diaper shuffle as i call it, using anywhere from two to three new diapers just to catch it all.

oh. and the best is when you're about to finish putting on the clean one and they pee on you/the new one. causing a whole new mess.

so diapers. are an obvious must.

we discussed cloth diapers, but the idea of washing out the poop every time wasn't something we were interested in. so for those of you who do cloth diapers. i'm applauding you very loudly.

when it comes to diapers we've only used two so far, the most popular i'd say. but i've already grown to be partial to pampers diapers.
and i actually like huggies wipes better. 
i found that although pampers are a little more sturdy, they're super wet. which leaves my hands and baby girls bottom soaking wet. it's weird. 

and, while we're talking bottoms. 
a must every time we change her diaper. 
it's preventative care but something my sister and my mom have sworn by and i'm swearing by it too. 

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