Tuesday, November 10, 2015

emily mae // 2 months


-loves to chew on her hands which freaks mommy out. 

-such a great sleeper! i honestly thank the Lord for her sleeping so much at night. very few nights does she not make it at least 6 hours. it might be the bottle of formula we give her at night, it might just be because she's our kid and we love sleep. who knows. 

-eats SO much. i feel like we're constantly upping her intake. such a growing girl!

-smiles back at us. it's the best feeling in the world

-focusing more on objects far away, which is so cool to see.

-in 3 month clothes already. and growing out of the 3 month jammies. she's just so long!

-i call her my little ten pound bowling ball now.

you're the sweetest thing every, Emmy Mae. 

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