Thursday, October 1, 2015

write 31 days.

i've done the whole #write31days before and failed at it big time. so it's actually comical that i'm giving it another go but with a newborn.

the thing is, i love to write. always have always will.
majored in english in college...not doing much with that, but who cares.
i love it. and to be honest i miss it a lot.

blogging has always been something special to me because no matter how many people read (or lets be honest, don't read) what i write, i'm fine with it because i'm just writing.

so i'm joining in on the challenge.

my topic: life with a newborn.

i know what you're thinking.
"megan. you've only had a new born for a like 35 days. what could you possibly know about it?"

truthfully. i know nothing. i'm making this all up as i go. but that's being a parent right? there's no manual.

but somehow next to me right now on a notebook are 31 things for me to write about. so there.

i'm actually pretty excited about this.

so here's to writing everyday for the next month.
or skipping some days and giving myself some grace.

also. for the next 31 days please enjoy pictures of my cute baby girl)


  1. Such a precious little bundle. You're absolutely correct that we make it up as we go. We do our very best and pray God fills in the holes. Congratulations and good luck with the 31 days-you only have 30 to go.

  2. I think this is a great topic! And you sure have an adorable little subject to write about! :)