Thursday, November 19, 2015

a love letter

dear baby daddy,

i want you to know how much i love you.
i know it seems silly to say at this point, but without you i wouldn't have anything that i have right now.
and i'm not just talking about the big obvious things, like emily.

i'm talking about the happiness i have.
the love i have.
the most amazing life i get to live.

you do more for em and i than i could have ever imagined and she's only two months old. which if i can be honest, you've basically set your self up for us to expect you to always knock it out of the park. on everything. no pressure.

i can't tell you how much i enjoy watching you with our baby girl. you're sweet and defiantly silly. i'm glad one of us has really taken to the baby talk.
you're gentle with her in every way possible. and hearing you tell her how beautiful she is every day melts my heart.

i know the last two months haven't been easy with me. i blame the hormones. or lack of them. or whatever they're doing at this point. but you've been a champ with me. on days that i should have been locked away in a straight jacket, you asked what you can do to help.

i'd honestly be lost without you at this point.

although i don't act like it or say it enough, i'm beyond thankful to have the privilege of being a stay at home mommy.
almost daily i read an article, or see a tweet, or even see a friend who doesn't have the same chance. and i wouldn't have that if you weren't the amazingly hard working person you are.
so thank you.

at this point. thank you for everything.

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