Monday, November 30, 2015


i'm a goal setter. this time last year i was making my goals list for 2015.

figuring out what i wanted to accomplish personally, and with my business.

and then i got pregnant.

and all those goals honestly went right out the window. and by some miracle, i haven't freaked out about it once.
nope, not once. not even as i sit here thinking about alllll the things i wanted to get done this year.

i swear.

i made peace a few months back that this year, 2015 was looking much different than i had intended it to. and i couldn't be happier about it. as i sit here i'm trying to remember what notebook i joted down my goals so i can go look through them. but i'm also happy i don't remember which one. because i don't want to get down on myself.

it's really ok that things didn't get done this year.

i think it's also a perspective thing too.

because some might say i got a lot done this year.
housed and birthed a human.


that's a lot.

i'm starting to think about my goals for 2016 and this time around their more family oriented. duh.
but i'm thinking about what i can do with emily. how she'll grow. what we'll do as a family.
sure i have some things for my business i want to do. but i'm not stressing about the up coming year like i usually do.

sometimes it freaks me out that i have so much time to get things done.
because then what happens if i don't get it all done. have i wasted all that time?

so not this year.

in fact. my dear friend ashley posted on her instagram about choosing to finish 2015 well. preach on sister.
instead of looking at the calendar and realizing i have a whole list of goals for 2015 that didn't get done, and trying to rush through them. i'm choosing to just finish this year well.

to do things that i might have on a goals list, or don't. to have that party or don't. to go on that trip, or don't.
to let the pressure of doing it all go.

it's been an incredible year so far.
by far my best ;)

so i'm letting go of the expectations to get it all done.

here's to #finish2015well


  1. Um, hello...YOU CREATED AN ENTIRE HUMAN LIFE. That's a year well spent if you ask me.

  2. Realize that life is still good, really good, even though I didn't meet all my expectations has been one of the biggest life lessons of mine recently. Sometimes life turns out better than we've planned.