Saturday, January 9, 2016

emily mae // 4 months

15 pounds
26 1/2 inches long

-baby girl loves her sleep! she sleeps at least ten hours every night. most nights it's twelve. hallelujah, thank you Jesus. 

-such a talker! who knows what she's thinking but she makes the cutest noises when she's talking

-loves football. i'm not sure what we'll do when it's not on tv anymore

-almost ready to roll over!

-eats 8 oz every 2-4 hours. just depends how our day goes

-grabs at everythiiiing. and anything. blankets, toys, my clothes, necklaces. you name it, she grabs it. 

-drool machine. those teeth are coming. everything she grabs she puts into her mouth. she chews and chews. we found the most amazing teething toy that's got these little finger things on them, and she loves it! 

-kicks her feet so much. i have no idea if this is normal. but i have a feeling when home girl gets up to walk she's going to run.

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  1. I'm gonna need her to have a real serious talk with Jack about sleep habits when he gets here.