Monday, January 4, 2016

the obligatory goals post

so here we are.

how this happened, i'm not sure. i still feel like emily was just born last week. but nope. she's been here for four months.
i've done a stellar job at monthly baby posts too. 

all of december flew by. it didn't help that em and i got the worst cold right before christmas that's still sorta lingering around. i don't feel like i got a fair chance with her first christmas. but that's for another time.

what i was confident in when greeting january this year, was the fact that i wasn't doing the goal thing. everyone was posting them like crazy on social media and blogs, and as i sat and applauded you all, i just wasn't into.

because i've done the goal thing and every year i don't do any of them.


ok maybe like one or two.
but last time i checked, i'm still not doing yoga every day, reading the whole bible, or running that 5k. ok so the last one was never a goal of mine. me, a 5k? please.

so i just decided not to.

i got the power sheets from the ever amazing lara casey last year and they just didn't work for me. maybe i didn't use them right. it was just too much. they are however, for some people. there are women all over the country that love them. look her up, find a hashtag and you'll see. they change the way people look at their year. but for me. it just wasn't my cup of tea.

and that's ok.

it's ok to look at the up coming year and go, "i've got 365 days to do great things. maybe i won't write them all down this year and get hung up if i don't get them all done." because that's what i've done.

i get all "i suck at life" because i didn't check all the things off my lists.

so this year i decided not to.

until tonight.

my sweet friend gennean made this amazing and SO simple goals sheet. i loved it the second i saw it. it's so simple and to the point. i skipped some of it, because i'm a rebel. but i made what she came up with work for me, no strings attached.

i think in the past i've been worried that people will know what i got done and what i didn't. which is ridiculous. because despite what i might think, no one is going back and reading my blogs in a year to see what i got done and what i didn't.

so i came up with a bucket list for 2016 (on the goals sheet). it was a quick list i made up. no pressure to get any or all of them done. there's personal goals on there along with business ones along with family ones.

i think goals are amazing. but i do feel like we might be putting a tad too much pressure on ourselves to get them all done in a year.

we might be missing out on some amazing things because we're too busy working on that goal.

now, don't get me wrong. i'm not saying be a bum all year.
and that goals are terrible.
they aren't.

but if the conventional way of setting goals just isn't your jam, like me. then do things differently this year. be that fish swimming up stream. or is it down, when they're all going up?

you do you, girl!

here's to 2016. to goals. or not.

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